Custom stainless steel wine tanks and winery equipment.

About Us

Mio Vigneto Products was founded in 2005 to import high quality, custom wine tanks, fermentors and other stainless steel products and equipment for the wine, beer and olive oil producers.

Our tanks are made with the highest quality materials manufactured in Europe. All the valves, fittings and man-ways are manufactured in Italy and Slovenia by Zorzini, Laveggi, Jaklic and SVS. All tanks are individually engineered to insure integrity. All seams and joints are TIG welded to insure perfect and smooth interior surfaces. Any protruding welds, both interior or exterior are ground smooth. There are no sharp corners to catch vegetative matter or residue, all ferrules and fittings have radius connections.

There are no limitations to tank volume, height, diameter, shape, size or location of ports, type, size or location of man-ways along with any other feature you may require.

If you don’t see something in our catalog or website that you need, just drop us a line and we will work with you and have the factory write you a proposal.

Mio Vigneto Products also has a research and development team working on leading edge technologies to help the winemaker always have a vintage year every year.

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