Custom stainless steel wine tanks and winery equipment.

What's New

Our New Line of Distillery Equipment

Over the past (10 years) several years our European partners have been working with Professors of Distillery Science and engineers to develop a line of Stills, Mash Tuns and support brewing equipment that provides the optimum of performance and quality of distilled product at a lower cost.

What makes our distillery equipment a cut above?
Each still is engineered to our customer’s specifications. Unlike a majority of stills on the market today in which one design fits all, each component on ourstills are engineered to work correctly with each other. Case in point, the column. It is critical that the column height and diameter has to be engineered to properly handle the volume of vapors emitted by the boiler. If this ratio is not designed well, a lot of complexity in the spirts will be lost along with not been able to precisely separate the “fractions.” As the still is being engineered we keep constant communication with our customer with design signoff, review of drawings and any change orders. The Final Design: Once the design is completed, a drawing is supplied to our customer for review.

Materials and craftsmanship:

Only the finest European materials are used to manufacture our stills. One of the metals that is absolutely critical is copper. Copper transfers heat quickly and has a unique ability to remove sulfur compounds from the distillate. Thus purity of copper is critical. The copper used in our stills is 99.9% pure. The other critical factor is longevity. The copper used in stills that is in constant contact with the wash or vapors is subject to erosion due to the sulfur compounds present turn copper into copper sulfate. This exchange is what purifies the end product of sulfur compounds. With this being said, metal thickness equals longevity. Below is the metal thickness used in these critical areas of the still.

Copper thickness of pot = 4 -5 mm

Copper thickness of the helmet = 2-3 mm

Copper dimension of condenser tubes = fi 18 x 1 mm

Copper thickness of the condenser (shell) = 1.5 mm

Copper thickness of the column = 2 mm

Construction and Craftmanship:

A large portion of the stills offered in the USA are constructed by soldering with tin based and silver filled soldering materials. Our stills are constructed using only tig welding. This insures a strong and inert bound between both simular and dissimular metals.

Even the smallest details are given attention by the master craftsmen.

Boiler Options:

  • We offer the following methods of heating the wash;
  • By electrical heating units which heat a oil surrounding the pot for even heating that is offered by steam heating
  • Steam heating
  • Wood fired.
  • The finish product:

    After the construction of the still is completed it goes through testing to insure that it performs as specified. Once this is done, the still and components are carefully crated for shipment.