Oak Barrels, Tanks, Fermentors and Casks

We carry a full line of winery equipmet, including; Horizontal Membrane Presses, Bladder Presses, Hi-tech Filter System, Semi-Automatic Fillers, botteling equipment including Stalvin cappers, corking machines along with valves, fittings, Oak Casks, Barrels, Fermentors, Tanks, strainers and custom adaptors.

Slovenian Oak Barrels

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30-500 Liter Slovenian Oak Barrels

Oak Barrels

Introducing our new line of Barrels, Oval & Round Casks, anks and Fermentors constructed of Slovenian Oak.

Some of the reasons to employ the use of Slovenian Oak in your red wine program are as follows.

  • Barrels and Casks made from Slovenian used extensively by the great Chianti wineries in Tuscany.
  • Slovenian oak intensity is somewhere between French and American Oak.

Oak Barrels

  • Barrique barrels from 225 to 300 Liters
  • Tonneaux  barrels, to 500 Liters
  • Classic European style barrels from 150 to 400 Liters
Oak Barrels

Some Comments from Italian Winemakers: 

Proprietor Michael Count Goëss-Enzenberg at Tenuta Manicor said: “The advantage we see in our Slovenian oak Casks is, besides the harmony with our wines, that it is very subtle on our fruit, and on the aromas and the minerality our wines show. It just respects the character of our wines more.”

Optimizing the use of oak for micro-oxygenation properties rather than oak characters continues to be important where fruit, rather than ‘boisée’ characters are sought. Giuseppe. Mazzocolin of Felsina, said “We place great importance on employing barrels that have been used in preceding years, since the wine that has been in them has lent them certain characteristics that reflect the Felsina terroir.

Volume in Liters Length of Staves (cm) Diameter of Heads (cm) Belly Diameter (cm) Stave Thicknes (cm) Weight (kg)
Barrique & Large Barrel Specifications
30 44 35 40 30 22
50 50 42 47 30 28
80 57 45 53 30 30
100 60 52 58 33 35
150 70 56 66 33 40
200 76 63 73 35 50
225 95 56 68 27 50
250 80 65 78 35 65
300 87 72 83 35 70
350 91 73 85 35 80
400 95 76 91 38 90
500 100 85 97 38 110

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