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Mio Vigneto Products is proud to announce Grape Ripeness Logger, the first in a series of low cost software products to help Vineyard Managers and Winemakers enhance wine quality.

This software will help Vineyard Managers and Winemakers record accurate and organized records from year to year for each vineyard, variety, and block.

The Grape Ripeness Logger user interface was formatted to be used in both tablet and desktop computers, so the software can be taken into the field and data entered as the grapes sugar, TA, and pH are tested.

Vineyard Data Screen
The Vineyard Data screen allows the entry of the vineyard owner and data. A directory is made using the vineyard name and subdirectories using grape variety and sample location
Grape Data Screen
The Grape Data screen allows the entry of grape data such as Brix, pH and TA which than calculates Balance and Ripeness. All data shown and stored in a spreadsheet format. The "Harvest Date" can be calculated by target Brix, pH and TA caculating the the outher units probabilities. This operation can be done once three data sets are taken and it's accuracy depends on the care used in sample taking.
Graphical Data
The "Graphical Data" screen shows the grape data in a graphical representation. All data from the above screens can be save in a Document or Excel format.

Product Features:

  • Estimate probable harvest date by target parameters
  • Open and save records
  • View entered data in an organized spreadsheet format
  • View the grapes chemistry graphically
  • Export data in a comma delimited format to chart in excel
  • Save chart to a image file or print it out
  • Save and print reports in *.doc (Word) formats

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