Custom Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

Our tanks a fabricated using the finest material available such as SVS valve and Zorzini and Laveggi man-ways to your specifications. The tanks are cut on a CNC machine with very tight tolerances allowing the weld beads to only be 1/8" wide. All interior and exterior joints are ground to insure easy cleaning and sanitation.

Compound Tanks

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Compound Tanks

Compound Tanks

Compound tanks are a great choice for efficient use of winery space, blending and storage of smaller lots of wine or olive oil.

This type of tank is provided with an intermediate base which divides the tank into two equal chambers. They are suitable for customers with smaller quantities of different wines who want to use available space efficiently. The intermediate base can be displaced in order to obtain different volumes of separate chambers according to requirements. The tanks are made of type “1.4301 BA (AISI 304 – V2A)” stainless steel and the cover and the intermediate bottom of type “1.4404 2B (AISI 316 – V4A).” Optionally tanks are manufactured of three or four chambers. The maximum chamber height should not be less than 700 mm.

According to the customer’s wishes the chambers are equipped with cooling plates or cooling jackets, various man-way and valve options. Also these tanks can be constructed with a open top fermentor on the top to allow gravity wine transfer from the top fermentor to the tank below. With the top tank fitted with a 10% or more inclined bottom and a sliding man-way door the pumice then can be dumped into the top of a press.

Key Benifits

  • Efficient use of space
  • Great for blending
  • Rack and return operations
  • Tank built to customers specifications
  • Built of the highest quality materials and workmanship
  • All welds are ground smooth to insure sanitation
  • Only the highest quality man-ways, valves and controls are used

Technical Specs

  • Bottom and sides constructed of 304 Stainless Steel
  • Roof constructed of 316 Stainless Steel
  • Choice of Racking man-way
  • Optional closed loop Sight Glass
  • Temperature gauge options
  • Drain Port size and valve options
  • Racking Port size and valve options
  • Leg Height options
  • Volume, Diameter and Height options
  • Number of tank cells and volumes options

Note: The table below are the most popular volumes for your reference. The rows that are colored denote cells of equal diamenter that can be combined together. Otherwise, cells have to be made of equal volumes.

1,000 to 10,000 LITER COMPOUND TANKS
Article Nr. Content Lt D mm H1 mm H2 mm Z mm * M mm L mm F mm
KOx850 1000 955 750 750 1960 150 120 350
KOx851 1500 1115 750 750 1975 150 120 350
KOx852 2000 1115 1000 1000 2475 150 120 350
KOx853 2600 1274 1000 1000 2500 150 120 350
KOx854 3000 1370 1000 1000 2550 150 120 350
KOx855 4000 1592 1000 1000 2650 150 120 400
KOx856 5000 1592 1250 1250 3150 150 120 400
KOx857 6000 1592 1500 1500 3650 250 180 400
KOx858 7000 1720 1500 1500 3670 250 180 400
KOx859 8000 1847 1500 1500 3680 250 180 400
KOx860 10000 2070 1500 1500 3700 250 180 400

* The “Z” dimension is the total height of the tank for a tank made up of two tanks with the total volume as shown in the “Content” column.


Please select from the following options. If you don't see what you need please add a note detailing what you need and we will accommodate.

Please also note, only tanks of simular diameter can have mixed volumes. (See chart on Size Page)

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