Custom Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

Our tanks a fabricated using the finest material available such as SVS valve and Zorzini and Laveggi man-ways to your specifications. The tanks are cut on a CNC machine with very tight tolerances allowing the weld beads to only be 1/8" wide. All interior and exterior joints are ground to insure easy cleaning and sanitation.

500 to 1,000 liter Variable Capacity Tanks

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500 - 1,000 Liter

500 to 1,000 Liter Variable Capacity Tanks

Of all of the various wine storage and fermentation tanks on the market the variable capacity tank is the most versatile. In these days floor space and time of usage are critical in the efficient use of capital.

Dedicated use tanks are often used for a short time during the season and then left empty the rest of the year. This is especially true for micro-bins.

Variable capacity tanks can be used as an open top fermenter for red wines, closed top fermentor for white wines or for general storage. The floating lid offers the winemaker the ability to store any volume of wine without the need to purge and maintain the unused volume of tank with an inert gas. 
We can configure variable capacity tanks to meet your wine program such as diameter to height ratios, type of bottom, Bottom and racking man-ways, leg style and height, valve types and size, location of ports, must screens, etc.

Key Benifits

  • Tank built to customers specifications
  • Built of the highest quality materials and workmanship
  • All welds are ground smooth to insure sanitation
  • Only the highest quality man-ways, valves and controls are used

Technical Specs

  • Constructed of type 304 stainless steel, 316 optional
  • Reinforced Floating lid with relief port options
  • Optional Crane and crank for ease of lowering lid onto wine
  • Man-way options
  • Racking Man-way options
  • Bottom style options
  • Electric or heating jacket options
  • Cooling jacket options
  • Optional forklift channels for ease of moving
  • Adjustable legs for un-even floors
  • Leg height options
  • Racking and Drain Valve options
  • Optional removable must screen behind racking port for easy draining of "free run."
  • Temperature Port options
  • Sample Valve
  • Optional Sight Glass

Note: The table below area list of popular sizes for your reference. We will design and build to your specifications.

Article Nr. Content Lt D mm H mm Z mm M mm P mm L mm F mm
IEx707 500 860 1000   180 400 80 315
IEx708 600 796 1250   180 525 80 315
IE0709 700 796 1500   180 650 150 315
IE0711 850 955 1250   260 525 80 315
IE0712 1000 955 1500   260 650 150 350

Please select from the following options. If you don't see what you need please add a note detailing what you need and we will accommodate.

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(8) Cooling Jacket:
(9) Floating Lid, Pump and Bladder Relief Port Style:
(10) Sight Glass on Sanitary Union:
(11) Leg Height:
(12) Level Adjusters:
(13) Forklift Channels:
(14) Ladder:
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(16) Removable Must Screen:
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