Red and White Wine Fermentors

We have developed a line of dedicated white and red wine fermentors. As with our full line of tanks, our fermentors are fabricated to your specifications.

UT Series Automatic Pump-Over Fermentors

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UT Series Automatic Pump-Over Fermentor

A pump-over Fermenter is designed to control the maceration process to optimize extracting all the grape has to offer.

The UT series Fermentors are a great choice to help in bring out of a grape all it has to offer.

Key Benefits

  • Total Control of fermentation environment
    • Sanitation
    • Limited exposure to bacteria, viruses and other contaminants
    • Controlled pump over timing and duration for maximum extraction
    • Must temperature control
    • Micro-oxidation control
    • Lower workman’s comp liability due to lifting heavy hoses or punch down tools, using ladders to do said work and exposure to large volumes of CO2.
  • Fermentors built to customers specifications
  • Built of the highest quality materials and workmanship
  • All welds are ground smooth to insure sanitation
  • Only the highest quality man-ways, valves and controls are used

Results we have seen at the Occasio Winery:

  • Increased polymeric pigments
  • Complex flavors and aromas
  • Richer, supple and integrated tannin structure
  • Reduced monometric anthocyanins
  • No cooked flavors from overripe grapes with raisins

"We have found a profound difference in structure, bouquet, color; tannins and taste resulting in a finished product superior to that of the same grapes fermented by traditional methods in micro-bins or open top tanks."

John Kinney, Winemaker
Occasio Winery
Livermore, Ca

Technical Specs

  • Volumes from 1500 liters to 20,000 liters
  • Diameter to height ratios to your specifications
  • Material: Bottom and side walls type 304 stainless steel, roof type 316 stainless steel
  • Choice of Bottom, Racking and Top man-way style and size
  • Cooling and Heating jackets to your specifications
  • Custom leg height and style
  • Dedicated low speed positive displacement automatic must-pump with adjustable pumpover timming and duration
  • Removable rotating cap sprayer to insure even moisting of the cap and easy removal for cleaning
  • Removable must screen behind pump inlet to insure no seeds or skins are shreaded
  • Tube in tube cooling unit to cool down wine as it is pumped over the cap to allow cap to be cooled down
  • Closed loop sight glass on sanitary unions
  • Sample Tap
  • Ports for temperature guage and controller
  • Tank bottom slope to your specifications

Options (See Quote Form)

Note: The table below are most common sizes for your reference. We also manufacture fermentors to your Volume and Diameter to Hight Ratios

Article Number Grape skins content (ca.70%) Content Liters D mm H mm Z mm P mm F mm
UT6330 2200 3000 1592 1500 2280 800 500
UT6331 2600 3500 1592 1750 2530 800 500
UT6332 3000 4000 1592 2000 2780 950 500
UT6340 3600 4800 1592 2500 3300 950 500
UT6333 3600 4800 1751 2000 2800 950 500
UT6334 4500 6000 1751 2500 3300 950 500
UT6335 5000 6800 2070 2000 2850 950 500
UT6341 5400 7200 1751 3000 3800 950 500
UT6336 5700 7600 2070 2250 3100 950 500
UT6337 6300 8400 2070 2500 3350 950 500
UT6342 7350 9800 2070 3000 3850 950 500
UT6338 7300 9700 2229 2500 3380 950 500
UT6339 8800 11700 2229 3000 3880 950 500
UT6343 9750 13000 2388 3000 3880 950 500

Standard Features

  • Material: Walls and bottom, Type 304 Stanless Steel, Roof Type 316 Stanless Steel
  • Finish: Inside IIId polish, Outside marble finish
  • Legs: 500mm feet with level adjusters
  • Tank Floor: 10% sloped bottom
  • Drain Port: 2-1/2" Ball Valve
  • Racking Port: 1-1/2" Ball Valve
  • Sample Valve: On NW20 Sanitary Union
  • 1/2" tube with Digital Thermometer
  • Roof: with D400 (16") man-way and NW 50 pressure relief valve
  • Removable Stanless Steel Ladder
  • Bottom Man-way: Zorzini 1500 (555mm by 432mm)
  • Racking Man-way: Laveggi A5 (440mm by 310mm)
  • Cooling Jacket: Covering 30% of tanks height

Auto Pump-Over System

  • Reversable Low speed Must Pump
  • Pump controller allowing the setting of period and duration
  • Removable Must Screen behind Pump-over Port
  • Ball valve between pump and tank
  • Removable Must Screen behind pump inlet
  • Removable Cap Sprayer for easy cleaning

Options (See Quote Form)



UT Series

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