Red and White Wine Fermentors

We have developed a line of dedicated white and red wine fermentors. As with our full line of tanks, our fermentors are fabricated to your specifications.

100 to 400 Liter Closed Top White Wine Fermentors

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100 - 400 Liter

100 to 400 Liter Storage Tanks

Our lines of fully customizable 100 to 400 liter storage tanks are suitable for both storage of small lots of wine for barrel topping and the home winemaker.

Technical Specs

  • Constructed of Type 314 & 316 Stainless Steel
  • Outside Marble Finish
  • Inside finish IIID
  • Choice of bottom style, Flax, Concentric & 5% sloped bottom
  • Choice of Cooling Jacket style and coverage
  • Sample Valve on Sanitary Union
  • Choice of Temperature Gauge or Temperature Controller
  • Choice of Racking and Drain Valve type and Size
  • Choice of relief port on top man-way lid
  • Optional Closed Loop Sight Glass on Sanitary Unions
  • Optional Leg Adjusters
  • Optional Bottom Man-way

Note: The table below is for your reference. Tank diameter, height and location of ports can be modified to your specifications.

Article Nr. Content D mm H mm Z mm
WE100 100 Liters 398 1000 1450
WE200 200 Liters 525 1000 1450
WE300 300 Liters 637 1000 1450
WE400 400 Liters 637 1250 1700

Please select from the following options. If you don't see what you need please add a note detailing what you need and we will accommodate.

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