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We carry a full line of winery equipmet, including; Horizontal Membrane Presses, Bladder Presses, Hi-tech Filter System, Semi-Automatic Fillers, botteling equipment including Stalvin cappers, corking machines along with valves, fittings, strainers and custom adaptors.

Horizontal Membrane Presses

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Horizontal Membrane Press

Horizontal Membrane Presses

Introducing our MEDITERAN series Horizontal Membrane Presses. These presses are manufactured exclusively for Mio Vigneto Products by a company in Europe that has been manufacturing presses for over 20 years. These presses are constructed with old world craftsmanship and incorporating the latest technology insuring ease of use and trouble free service for many years. This line of presses incorporate features not found in horizontal membrane presses at its price point.

Some of the outstanding features are; that there are no "minimum" fill requirement which is standard in most competitors presses to insure bladder will not fail. These presses are very easy to empty and clean, just taking around 5-10 minutes between same grape empty and reload cycle and around 15-30 minutes to clean for storage.


    Product Features

  • Use of highly efficent motors and compressor for very lower power consumption
  • All motors have Class "F" insulation so both digital or rotary phase converters can be employed
  • Closed drum standard on all models which allows vinification with the simple addition of closed door insert.
  • All electronics and control relays enclosed in a IP 65 enclousure for trouble free operation
  • Press constructed of type 304 stainless steel, ┬ámotors, valves and piping constructed of non-ferrous metals to insure no corrosion and trouble free operation

    Standard Equipment:

  • Fixed drum for pressing
  • Five large screen collection channels
  • Manual or program operation
  • Juice collection pan with wheels or on rails as shown above
  • Both side panels open to allow easy access to drum
  • Safety cord and side door switches
  • Double sliding doors for large opening
  • Quite heavy duty vacuum pump and blower
  • 220 volt or 480 volt 3 phase operation
  • Central filling on all models
  • Large drum bearings for long life
  • All wetted parts except membrane are 100% Stainless Steel
  • Becker Compressor
  • Becker blower / vacuum unit

    Optional Equipment:

  • Extended legs to fit you're receiving vessels
  • Closed drum for vinification
  • Remote control panel

Model with collection tray on rails

Wide opening for easy loading and inspection

Showing Vinification door in place

Mechanical Components


Note: The table below is for your reference, other sizes avaiable.


Whole Cluster Grape Capacity

Seperated Grapes Fermented Grapes Capacity Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Drum Opening Width (mm) Drum Opening Height (mm) Standard Filling Valve (inches) Weight (Kg)
8 hl 600 lbs 1,300 lbs 2,100 lbs 2,100 1,360 1,350 903 800 3 460
10 hl 800 lbs 2,500 lbs 2,500 lbs 2,405 1,360 1,350 903 1,000 3 520
14 hl 1,000 lbs 3,800 lbs 3,800 lbs 2,605 1,460 1,450 903 1,250 3 660
17 hl 1,200 lbs 4,500 lbs 4,500 lbs 2,920 1,460 1,550 1,350 1,500 3 730
22 hl 1,600 lbs 5,200 lbs 5,200 lbs 2,920 1,460 1,550 1,110 1,000 3 805
27 hl 2,000 lbs 7,300 lbs 7,300 lbs 3,210 1,650 1,650 1,110 1,250 4 988
45 hl 3,000 lbs 8,000lbs 12,000 lbs 4,570 1,810 1,810 1,110 1,500 6 1,880

Please select from the following options. If you don't see what you need please add a note detailing what you need and we will accommodate.

Choose configurations
Drum Volume: Standard drum volums from 500 to 5,000 Liters
(1) Optional Vintifacation door insert: An optional door insert with pressure relief valve can be provided for maturation on the skins or use the press as a rotary fermentor.
(2) Door Option:  
(3) Central Filling Opt: Table shows standard valve size for central loading. You may choose optional valve size to suit your winery equipment.
(4) Compressor Option: Select "Include" if you don't have an external air supply and need a built-in compressor
(5) Leg Height: If you require the press to stand higher to accommodate your equipment, please note your requirements in the text box below
(6) Voltage: We offer 240 or 480 volt three phase operation. If you only have a single phase service, please contact your local electrical Contractor to install a properly sized digital phase converter with line reactors on both supply and load sides. The reactors help protect equipment on both the Line and load side of the phase converter.
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