Winery Equipment

We carry a full line of winery equipmet, including; Horizontal Membrane Presses, Bladder Presses, Hi-tech Filter System, Semi-Automatic Fillers, botteling equipment including Stalvin cappers, corking machines along with valves, fittings, strainers and custom adaptors.

Stalvin Capping Equipment

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Semi-Automatic Bottle Filler

Semi-Automatic Stalvin Capper

CAPPING is an automated machine for sealing bottles with aluminum caps (in its standard
version for caps with a diameter of 30 mm and a height of 60 mm – STELVIN 30X60).
The caps can also have other dimensions, depending on the type of the rotating head for
cap on it. Then the bottle must be placed in the center of the plunger. The machine registers
the presence of the bottle and pushes the bottle with the cap to the rotating head
for smoothing. The carefully designed and patented rotating head with four jaws ensures
mouth which means the bottle is adequately sealed.

Free Standing Unit View of the Capping Head
Stavin Capper
Capper for Stalvin Closures


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